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For coming,
I hope you had a great time.

I will update more stuff and post photos after not being so tired.

When you do get your photos post them here to this group and to this one http://community.livejournal.com/steamfashion/profile

also upload them to this Flicker group
I just made as I know not every one had a camera and you might have been the only one to have gotten a photo of them that they do not have.

Guys LOOK HERE make todays ticket half off

Print this out and make your ticket cheep.
Save your self some cash.

The final details .

For those of you coming to this year's annual Time Travel Picnic (http://community.livejournal.com/timetravelpicni/profile), here are the details.

We will be meeting outside the front gates of the faire (http://www.recfair.com/NY/index.php) at 1:30pm this Saturday, August 1st. I hope you all know what we look like by now. We are fairly distinctive.

You can find a map of the faire here: http://www.recfair.com/NY/general/map.php

After meeting, we will all pay and go in together. We will hang out in the same spot most people were at last year: the eating area by Willows Lake near Hawkers Pub. The area has tons of food stands and tables to sit out. There is also a great view of the lake and trees. We will hang out there and eat, talk, see new people, take photos, and see where it all goes. Everyone is welcome to stay together and wander around as a group, but if people like they can also go off and do their own thing after the meet up.

The whole point is fun.
For this http://community.livejournal.com/timetravelpicni/profile

At 1:30pm meet us at the front gates of the fair http://www.recfair.com/NY/index.php

You know what we look like I hope?

See map here http://www.recfair.com/NY/general/map.php. for the lay out of the space.

Then we all go in and pay, hang out in a spot most where we where last year by Willows Lake in the area of Hawkers Pub . They have tons of food stands and tables to sit and hang out with a great view of the lake and trees.

We will hang about there eat , talk see new people , take photos and then see where it all goes. Every one can follow every one else around if they like but can also go off and do there own thing after the meet up.

The whole point is for fun.
Time Travle Picnic 09

NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting channel, is filming a 20 minute documentary Steampunk in the NYC area. Its only appropriate they come and film the first meet up ever that's now in it's third year. So this being said my people if your planning on coming to this years Time Travel Picnic do come,Dress up how ever you like and stick by the camera for the amusement of latter being able to point at the TV and go "Hay that's me!" .

So for all the info on where every one is meeting up, what the cunning plan is for times and taking of photos go to this LJ group http://community.livejournal.com/timetravelpicni/profile. We are also taking photos for the book I am working on so its a shot to get your self in print as well. So if your playing with the idea of going but where uncertain I think these two things might help you make up your mind. There will also be people in corsets and this could also be a factor to sway you to come.

So go here http://community.livejournal.com/timetravelpicni/profile for the info and upcoming info on the fun for next saturday August 1st.

These are photos from the first year 07
and photos from last year 08

t's funny how things that start as a birthday party for you and a pal who's birthday is so close to yours winds up becoming something a great deal more fun and exciting by meeting new pals as well. If nothing else you should come as it's a good chance to give http://www.gdfalksen.com birthday wacks.

so in short
Every one come! Have fun and meet new humans who like the same kinda things you like

Upcoming Events

So, I'm curious to see who out there will be going to either or both of the following.

First, the Gothic Charm School Tea Party Picnic in New York City on July 18th:
Gothic Charm School

I will be there with bells on, and it should be a great deal of fun. Come and meet the Lady of Manners herself! It will be at Greenwood Cemetary (http://www.green-wood.com/).

Second, the annual Time Travel Picnic at the Tuxedo, New York Renn Faire on August 1st:
Time Travle Picnic 09

Also, join the community: timetravelpicni (http://community.livejournal.com/timetravelpicni/profile)

I've had a great time at this event each year, and we've consistently gotten fantastic pictures. Come and have fun and meet new people!
Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, beloved acquaintances, curious strangers, and annonymous stalkers....
For the past several years I have had a dream.... A simple, humble dream.... A dream of going to a Rennaissance Fair....
Dressed like Victorian explorers.... Who have traveled through time.... For the single, noble purpose.... Of socializing with Medieval people.... Because it would be fun.

To celebrate my birthday jaborwhalky and squirrelmadness.
Because I thought it would be a lot of fun, I propose for a bunch of us to meet up at the Tuxedo Ren Fair on August 1st (that's a Saturday) and that we dress to the nines. Whether you dress like a Victorian time-traveler, a Rennaissance local, Steampunk mad scientist or in whatever else you would enjoy, please come and bring people to have fun! Dress up however you like, but be sure to dress up!

This was the first meet up of its kind and will go strong for years to come.

The site for the Ren Fair is http://www.recfair.com/NY/index.php

Cheep tickets till July 24th get them here now! http://www.recfair.com/NY/index.php

The meet up time and so forth will be worked out on this LJ comnunity..

This will be fun and this time its going to happen..even if its just like 4 of us...
..SO WHOS IN?!?!

Time Travle Picnic 09
Cut and paste to get your pals to come

check this out
They had a time travel Picnic wedding.

That wins!

Boys and Girls ladys and gentaman, monsters of all ages.
Let me show you what happends with thought becomes realty.
Let me show you Giled Age Records

This was started when Josh A. Pfeiffer (http://www.myspace.com/vernianprocess) came across the lovely band the Clockwork Dolls (http://www.myspace.com/theclockworkdolls) and liked them too. I did also and noted "You know there is a great deal of music starting up and since you started it all why not start a music label to give them all a home as this the steampunk music is all your fault." Josh agreed, and then in an uncharacteristic brilliance I came up with the name "Gilded Age Records." Then Josh did a lot of work on the website and collecting these artists and now you all have something.

So there you go: you now all have a record label. This proves that thought, with a, little work can become reality.


So there you go the very first Steampunk music label ever.

Also The Time Travel Picnic will be August 1st at http://www.renfair.com/NY/
Am putting many things together ,

Keep your eyes to this list as you will be the first to know.