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Time Travle Picnic
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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for the Annual Time Travel Picnic, the oldest & Longest running annual steampunk meet up event. Join us Saturday, August 7th, on Governor's Island in New York City for this year's adventure! We will be meeting at 1:30pm at the Island and will enjoy the festivities until closing.

In keeping with our time travel theme, we will be leaving the rustic charm of the Renaissance behind and travel right into the middle of America's Civil War! For the many of you who enjoy the steampunk/Victorian aesthetic, this will be a happy return to the modern world (circa 1863 of course). Come dressed in your finest and enjoy the exciting Civil War Weekend and the Time Travel Picnic!

We will meet around 1:30 at Pier 101 on the island
Map : http://www.govisland.com/PDFs/PAMap051910.pdf

This is a free event, all are welcome, bring a picnic basket if you wish. Dress Steampunk, Victorian, dandy , ect. Just come to have a good time with pals and make some new ones.

The Islands web site.
Directions to the event
The Free ferries that run to the island.

I hope the fact that this event is Free will get more of you to come out to enjoy the day.

For photos from past years Time Travel Picnics

For the event listing on the islands web site look here
"Saturday, August 7 ,Experience the summer of 1863! The National Park Service, 119th New York Volunteers, The GawdAwful Mess and Battery G of the First Pennsylvania Light Artillery will provide family friendly activities, living history demonstrations, music and other programs designed to introduce you to the men and women of the Governors Island Garrison including Confederates imprisoned on the Island"

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Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, beloved acquaintances, curious strangers, and annonymous stalkers....

For the past several years I have had a dream.... A simple, humble dream.... A dream of going to a Rennaissance Fair....

Dressed like Victorian explorers.... Who have traveled through time.... For the single, noble purpose.... Of socializing with Medieval people.... Because it would be fun.

To celebrate my birthday jaborwhalky and squirrelmadness.
Because I thought it would be a lot of fun, I propose for a bunch of us to meet up at the Tuxedo Ren Fair on August 1st (that's a Saturday) and that we dress to the nines. Whether you dress like a Victorian time-traveler, a Rennaissance local, Steampunk mad scientist or in whatever else you would enjoy, please come and bring people to have fun! Dress up however you like, but be sure to dress up!

This was the first meet up of its kind and will go strong for years to come.

The meet up time and so forth will be worked out on this LJ comnunity..

This will be fun and this time its going to happen..even if its just like 4 of us...
..SO WHOS IN?!?!